Looking for a great way to impress your friends, family or co-workers at your next event or gathering? Grape Leaves offers a variety of its best dishes for catering. Choose from some of our main dishes below or some of our amazing trays which can add to your order or serve as a great addition


1/2 Tray Baba Ghanouj – 22.99
Large Tray Baba Ghanouj – 44.99
1/2 Tray Hommous – 21.99
Large Tray Hommous – 43.99
1/2 Tray Fattoush – 20.99
Large Tray Fattoush – 41.99
1/2 Tray Tabbouli – 25.99
Large Tray Tabbouli – 50.99

Grape Leaves, Kibbee and Falafel

Dozen Veggie Grape Leaves – 12.99
Dozen Lamb Grape Leaves – 12.99
Dozen Falafel – 13.99
Dozen Fried Kibbee – 18.99

Note: There is a minimum of 10 persons required to complete a catering order for the following items:

Catering Entrees

Shish Tawook
Shish Kabob
Shish Kafta
Chicken Shawarma
Meat Shawarma

15.99 (All served with soup or salad, rice or fries and hommous)